AMP Telecommunication ..
     AMP Office  Automation...
     AMP IT filed Connectors
     AMP Electrical appliances ...
     AMP Amusement Connectors
     Schrack relays
     OEG relays
     P&B relays
    AGASTAT relays
     Hand Tool
     Crimping Tool
     Cutting & Stripping
     Bench &Automatic Crimping
     Insulation Displacement
     IP  40-65  series:HA/HA-K
     IP  65  series:HB/HB-K
     IP  65  series:HD/HD-K
     IP  series :HN.2D.108/-K
     IP  65  series:HB-ZVS/-K
     Raychem   Circuit Protection
     Raychem   Wire
     Raychem Bundles omponent
     Raychem   Markers
     protection products of cable
     Dip  Switches
     Slide  Switches
     Toggle  Switches
     Pushbutton  Switches
     Paddle  Switches
     Flexible Cables
     Lift Cables and Conveyor ...
     Temperature resistant  C...
     Cables for fitexed Installa...
     Cables Glands
     The kind of cable can be u..
     it also suited for FIP(Fact ..
     The partnumber  2170220..
     It’s suitable for the rules ..
     Single  SSR  Relays
     Two  SSR  Relays
     Three  SSR  Relays
     Proximity  Detectors
     Reed Relays  and  Switches
     KSS  Wiring  Ducts
     KSS  Cable  Markers
     KSS  Cable  Ties
      KSS Tie Mounts .Cable ...
     KSS Tubes .Wire Connec...
     KM6-EC Universal  Subracks
     KM6-II Subracks
     Plastic Guide rail
     Fitting of panel
     Nut strip
     XinChen Wiring Ducts
     XinChen Nylon  Cable  Ties
     XinChen Tie Mounts
     XinChen Binding  Bands
     XinChen Ducts
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